Friday, February 08, 2008

Night Out With Friends

Katia, Lena and Darice

Tonight my girlfriends and I went out to Bonefish...well actually we only made it into the lobby - never sat down! Due how pact it was there was a 90-minute table wait which didn't sit well with my hungry friend, so we ventured off into the Bartram Walk Plaza in Fruit Cove and dined at the fairly new Herilooms Restaurant.

Our main topic for the night was RAW FOODS - geez is that a surprise! I think I should get into doing some lectures on raw foods and our health - so many people are more interested in their health now then we ever were before. Some day I hope to focus more of my time in helping others to achieve their human potential - physically as well as emotionally. There are just so many wonderful health benefits to eating raw foods (and no this does mean eating raw meats! Just fruits, vegetables and nuts) that I think people are starting to take notice...and that's always a good thing!

As we got up close and personal about our bodies, I think our waiter came to our table a little too frequently wondering why we were laughing so much and what exactly we were really talking about. He was as sweet as can be but I'm sure he went back to the kitchen telling everyone how we were talking about ..... HA, you didn't actually think I was going to tell you our detailed personal conversation did you!!!

My raw salad -

Lena's dish (don't know exactly what it all was other than crab cakes, french fries and something else)

Katia's dish was all wrong - this isn't actually what she ate, but she was tired of me taking photos so when the real dish came out I spared her the wait!

Don't we just look so tired!

Instead of going out after dinner, we called it a night. All of us were so exhausted from our day. Ever just have those days where all you want to do is just plop down on the couch and do NOTHING! Well, that was my day today...resting on the couch and doing nothing. Auhhh, that felt so good. I suppose I needed the rest just in time for my busy crazy day tomorrow. Family is coming to visit...again...we have had so many visitors lately I feel like a hotel...and there is so much to do to prepare.

Ok, now that I have just rambled off on my boring day today, I hope you all feel better connected with me (ha ha).

See you soon!

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Katerina said...

I was so happy to see you! Love, Katia