Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The Wedding Album of Lauren and Ryan

This is a couple I shot on June 10, 2006. They are so sweet! When we hung out for dinner after their engagement session I learned one of Lauren's hobbies. She loves to watch super scary movies. How can she do that? I swear I am still like a little girl when it comes to being scared of the boogy man. I can't sleep unless my husband, Noel, is in bed with me. Or at least I have to have the hall light on with my door opened. I am such a dork. Lauren, you are brave my dear! I hope you haven't seen too many scary ones lately - don't you get nightmares??

Monday, July 24, 2006

Our Little Gymnasts

Our 6 year old daughter, Miranda and our 3 year old son, Jaden are our little Stars at Star Light Gymnastics. Miranda loves gymnastics so much that we have now converted our 2 car garage into a little gymnastics gym. Mats, bars, balance beam, ropes and all. We figured we could afford that more than putting her in classes every day, which is something she begs for just about every other day. We just found out that they have also placed Miranda in the advanced classes, she has been working so hard towards that. We are so proud of her. Jaden has his ups and downs with gymnastics. In these photos you can tell he was having one of his down days. But he's back on the up swing of things and loves his gymnastic classes too. I was getting nervous there for a minute...where was my son going to get all that rambunctious energy out! Please not at home on our couches, we need Starlight! Looks like fun huh? Now why don't they offer these opportunities for adults? Hmm, they think we're too old to learn splits and flips. Come on, we can do it too... I think. :)

Jason and Tenille's Wedding Album

Congratsulations Jason and Tenille! Your album is all done. If you want a sneak preview of your album click on "Jason and Tenille's Wedding Album". Your album is 20 pages with 40 sides. You guys look great!!

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Is It All That Romantic?

Everyone is familiar with those romantic love scenes of a couple in a heated kissing session on a beach laying on the soothing sand with the peaceful waves embracing the in-love couple. Well, little do people know how re-enacting such a scene can be actually quite unromantic. Take Johnanthan and Kimberly, don't they just look like they are having a good time? Of course they were, until those "peaceful" waves came crashing in leaving them with salt water and sand all up in their ears. What romance huh! After they overcame the shock, we all just laughed really hard. What good sports!! You never know what will happen at an engagement session!

Photographer Needs a Cooling

Every wedding we do there is always some sort of drama that takes place, but this particular wedding topped them all. My good dear oh friend and fellow photographer, Paulo, will never forget this one either. In the midst of him and I taking candid shots of the groomsmen getting ready, all of a sudden out of no where a huge bowl of water was dumped upon Paulo. I guess the dog that was the groomsmen guest didn't like the fact that he was no longer the center of attention and he clearly made that known when he knocked over his bowl of water down the nearby staircase. Heather, our awesome assistant came to the rescue and immediately dried up his camera as best as possible. Don't worry, Paulo's camera was okay, and yeah so was Paulo too! See what we photographers endure. It's no wonder we love our jobs so much, with all the excitement going on, how could we not!