Monday, March 24, 2008

Tony Chu Photography

Photo by Tony Chu

So my new friend, Oubon Phommavong at Miss Phom Photography, just started coming to weddings with me as she embarks on new adventures as a photographer. Oubon just introduced me to her favorite fashion photographer, Tony Chu, and I must say this guy is so creative and very talented! It's refreshing and fun to see NEW stuff that is so colorful, unique, exciting and interesting!

Here is one of his photos. What a statement this photo makes huh!!!!!!!! As a young girls, we all longed to look exactly like Barbie! Scary how many women have spent thousands of dollars to look like her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Where are we as women headed?

Check out Tony Chu Photography for more of his work.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Sarah Silverman

Ok so like I have been approached several times by people in publix, blockbuster and other public places telling me that I look like Sarah Silverman. Ok, so I had NO IDEA who this woman was other than a celebrity who is auh, how should I say, um "a comedian with a mouth and amongst other things".

Wasn't sure how to take that! So, yet again, after being told by two men today that I looked like Sarah Silverman, I went on line to finally check out this chic!

There are some similarities with our looks but our personalities are quite different...I think! Although I was cracking up at her you tube videos that I won't post here for obvious reasons.

So I pulled up some old and recent photos to compare the both of us together. What do you all think? Do we look alike?

I bet if my hair were straightened here, I'd probably look even more like her!

I supposed if I straightened my hair like hers and posed in the same way wearing the same clothes, maybe it would look even more the same, but who has the time for all that!!! : )

Sunday, March 09, 2008

SLEEP?!@# What's that?

So, it's 6:27am right now on Sunday morning and I have been up ALL NIGHT preparing for my taxes! I can't believe I organized all my receipts! You should have seen the mess of papers & envelopes all over the floor!!! Right now I'm feeling on top of the world for having done so much. While I did my taxes (still have more to go!), I backed up my computer, cleaned it out from the over 70,000 files on it! Burned a ton of DVD's, returned all my emails and even organized my emails using folders! I was so on the roll that I even cleaned out my drawers from junk and my desk has NOTHING on it! I'm all update with my mail and my trash is emptied! Wow! I am feeling like I just lost 100 pounds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What an awesome feeling this is to have accomplished so much. It's incredible how much you can get done when no one is screaming for you needing your attention.

The only bummer news tonight was that I lost my boxes that had my two new 8 Gig cards in it to use for a rebate offer! I went through old garbage hoping to find it, but no luck! Darn those rebate things!

My awesome assistant, Michelle, will be over this week to help me finish my taxes (THANKS GIRL!). What will I do with myself when my taxes are done - such freedom and extra time. YOGA here I come! St. John's Town Center, MASSAGE here I come! Miranda and Jaden, you will have a mommy again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, lets see will I make it through today with no sleep?! I have yoga teacher training class too! Yikes!

Ok, now that I have bored you all with my excitement on my accomplishments, I promise to post something pretty soon! Friday we have an e-session with a fun couple in St. Augustine historic area and then Vilano Beach, more exciting photos to come soon!