Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Jaden Found His Future Wife

For about 6 months now Jaden is always talking about his "love"...Claire. One late night when I was done working and before I headed off to bed I snuck my way into the kids room to give them one last good night kiss. To my surprise, Jaden was sitting up in bed with his flashlight in hand writing Claire a "love letter"! Of course the only thing on the paper was a bunch of squiggleys! Now how could I get mad at something like that!

Just a few months back Jaden proposed to Claire at school on the playground. She told him that she was going to marry another boy then when she was done with him, she'd marry Jaden. Jaden's eyes lifted in shock and said, "Oh no Claire. You can't marry two people. You can only be married to one person and that is the person you stay with for the rest of your life." Wow! My 4-year (almost 5) old has got down the marriage commitment pretty darn good! Oh, he's so young and head over heels in love with Claire - it's so touching to see his little heart fall in love.

Golly, I didn't fall in love until I was 14 years old! This kid is sure ahead of the game. I know I know, either he is going to be a heart breaker or a heart broken mush ball when he hits puberty.

Claire is over right now playing with Jaden. I couldn't help but grab my Canon camera to forever freeze this young love! Wouldn't it be a blast if these two adorable kids got married? I could just see it now, I'll be using these photos in their slideshow at the reception!


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