Sunday, February 10, 2008

Bowl of America

My in-laws are in town...which means VACATION time for not only them but me too! One of the nice benefits to having visitors is that they make you stop, slow down, and take time for the more fun things in life like - BOWLING! I am not a bowler, but every time I bowl, I always want to play another game. It's fun making that ball swoop down the lane as fast as you can make it go!

So here is something really funny, when we were on our way there Jan, Noel's mother, was talking about how much time has changed things in the way we live and the kind of things we have nowadays. So after walking down memory lane for when our phones were attached to the walls with long cords and the big walkmans verses the tiny i-pods out there, something hilarious happened when we were bowling.

As we sat in Lane 16, the first thing that came out of Jan's mouth was her shock and confusion at the above computer screens tracking the players scores! She asked me in total surprise, "So, we don't write down our on scores? This computer does that for us?" Talk about time going by! I didn't say anything because I didn't know if she was for real at first. Then it occurred to me that it had been THAT long since she last bowled!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We were laughing so hard at this!

Forgive me for the poor quality of photos, I had to use my point-n-shoot this time! I know, someone slap me over the head.

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