Saturday, February 09, 2008

Happy Birthday Jaden!

Jaden turned 5 today. We just had a special breakfast this morning while Jaden opened his presents from our family in Chicago. Watching him opening the presents was so touching. His excitement and happiness made us all filled with joy and laughter. Tomorrow night we will be celebrating his birthday with all his friends at Pump It Up a place where kids can go wild and crazy!

Auntie Marissa's Gift

Jaden has been wanting this pirate book for a long time! Book comes with maps, secrets notes and more! He was screaming with so much joy that he now has it! Good job Auntie Marissa.

Grandma and grandpa Myers did good when they got him hot wheels shoes that light up, Jaden's favorite part of the shoes!

Auntie Sara and Uncle Eric always get cool gifts for Jaden. Jaden can't wait to put this pirates ship together!

Watching Jaden try to open this present was just hilarious! I think he was quite eager to find out what it was, don't you say!

Another gift Jaden has been wanting so badly, Spiderman 3! Thank you Grandma and grandpa Myers for making Jaden's day! Jaden LOVES LOVES spiderman, can't blame the little guy - spiderman is pretty cool!

Happy Birthday Jaden! Tomorrow morning we will have another special breakfast and more fun presents to come!!

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