Tuesday, June 17, 2008

My Boy!

So the seminar I went to in Celebrations, FL., really drilled it in me the importance of blogging regularly. I have to confess, blogging has not been my area of expertise so I have not blogged much, but I promise I will repent! : )

I will be blogging some of my recent weddings soon and a bunch of other fun stuff will be coming your way so stay tuned!

In the meantime, I had to share my pride and joy with you all. Jaden, my fantastic 5 year old son just had his first biking lesson last week and we caught it on film...or should I say digital negative files! He was so excited that he was biking on his own for a second or two that he had to call my family afterward to tell them all about it. He is so sweet. I just love these moments where you are helping your child to do something for his/her first time ever! The great thing about it all, is that there are still so many first times still to come since he has his whole life ahead of him. Hmm, first day of Kindergarden, first school play, first school test, first time reading a book, first real girlfriend (oh boy), first real kiss (oh really boy!), first love, first hurt and so much more. Life is truly beautiful and precious, cease every moment and always cherish your loved ones! Time truly passes us by quickly.

LOOK! He's doing it on his own ... even if it only lasted for a second, HE DID IT! : )

WIPE OUT! Good thing we were on the grass... but then again mommy's are always there to catch their children if they ever fall!

Auh oh, another wipe out! He always got right back on his bike though!

I will always remember this special memory with Jaden! And now he too can remember it when he sees these photos in the future.

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Anonymous said...

GREAT GREAT GREAT!!!!!! My favorite is where you are
holding him and he is pointing forward!