Friday, June 27, 2008

Color Palette

Just about every time I ask a bride what her color theme is I get the deer in head lights look... "Ummm I have no idea yet. Not sure." In the past, couples chose their colors based on which season their wedding day would fall under, maybe some still do this, but times have changed. Brides don't care as much about the "rules", in fact more and more brides are breaking the rules doing whatever they see fit for their personal exciting wedding day!

I just love colors! Colors have such a powerful effect on changing our moods. Reds ignite, Blues soothe, Greens energize, Browns calm us down, Yellows brighten our spirits and White purifies. Of course there are many more colors of all shades that bring on different moods, it's quite fun to see how a color will alter your state of being.

Below are some great collages from Snippert and Ink depicting different colors and themes that can give you some fantastic ideas for your wedding.

My favorite one is the Turquoise, black and white theme (collage above)!

Mood: opulent, modern

Check out their blog to see more collages and themes!

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