Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Engage 08! Seminar

So I just had the privilege of attending the incredible Engage 08! seminar hosted by Engaging Concepts in the adorable and quaint Celebrations Hotel in Celebration, FL.

There's so much to say about this seminar, but first I think it's only fair to introduce the two owners of Engaging Concepts who not only put together a phenomenal seminar but personally brought on a big turning point in my business. Owner, Rebecca Grinnals , has been in the wedding industry for over 25 years and is known for her incredible success in bringing unprecedented success when she co-founded Disney's Fairy Tale Weddings & Honeymoons and now only continues to flourish in her expertise in her company Engaging Concepts. Her experience & success in the wedding industry is just out of this world! Her bio is a must read... whatever I'd say here would not do justice to her amazing talents and knowledge, so you much check her out! Her success and personal genuine heart for everyone she speaks to just inspires the tar out of me!

Kathryn Arce ,
(scroll down when you click on the link to read her bio), Managing Director, of Engaging Concepts, too is an amazingly talented and well versed woman in the world of weddings and events. Before I had the joy of meeting this real and sweet woman, we became pretty good friends as we would exchange emails often in the middle of the night.

I soon discovered that I was not the only work obsessed woman in the country staying up all hours of the night working! I'll never forget how shocked I was to get an email from her at 2am or so. I don't know if I loved meeting someone else with as much passion for weddings as me or if I was so so glad to not be so lonely at 2am! LOL. What started out as a business relationship quickly turned into a sincere friendship. Both Rebecca and Kathryn are two uniquely special woman with so much heart that I truly feel lucky to know them!

Check out my photos below to see what we all were up to at the seminar! I have to admit, I was being a little lazy at this seminar, I didn't go crazy taking photos, I was so giddy about taking in all the information from Rebecca, Kathryn, Preston Bailey , Simon T. Bailey , Marcy Blum , Christine Boulton and more that I barely hit the shutter...I know SHAME SHAME DARICE!!!!

THANK YOU REBECCA AND KATHRYN for such a fantastic seminar, I learned so much and can't wait to rock the wedding industry world with you chic and savvy selves! : )

I have three of these fun crystal balls that sit under my flat screen - scroll down to see my Engaging Concepts Crystal Balls, I just love them!

The building to the left is Celebrations Hotel where we stayed at and attending the seminar.

I couldn't help but quickly walk around the adorable Celebrations city to capture a few quick shots. When I say quick, I mean QUICK because it started drizzling when I began taking photos. Just as I ended my little picture taking time, it started pouring! Sorry I couldn't take additional photos to show you more of Celebrations FL. It truly is a cute little town! I felt taken back in time as I was just waiting for white carriages to come down the brick roads with women wearing their fanned out fancy dresses holding onto umbrellas! Ha ha.

The night before the seminar some of us got to meet one another over some yummy appetizers and drinks! There were wedding planners, videographers, photographers, florists visiting from the Cayman Islands, DC, Seattle, Hawaii, Texas and more. What a great mix of people to meet!

This is Erin Poticny, Events Manager, for the fabulous Casa Monica Hotel, in St. Augustine FL. I was pleasantly surprised to see her at the seminar! Erin is getting married on February 20th at her number one choice for weddings, none other than of course the classy Casa Monica Hotel!

On the left is Anayda, Director of Catering with Sundyhouse and on the right is Nicole, Director of Catering with Celebration Hotel

This is Christine Tremoulet a great photographer based out of Houston Texas. Christine and I sat next to each other and under Simon Bailey's command, she is my new accountability business partner! How wonderfully fortunate for me since she is immensely gifted at photography!!!!

Check out our stylish bags that we all got to take home with us.

We all went home with so many goodies...just to mention a few: a jar of deliciously sinfully cookies (yes, I caved in and ate half the jar in only a matter of two hours!), we also received fun journals with a sparkly journal pen, magazines, books written by some of our speakers, a wine decorative crystal corkscrew stopper...L O V E I T !!!!!

So here's the culprit for the day. These little guys just knew how to call out "Darice, darice, oh Darice! You know you want us!" I had no problem devouring these little yummy!

Our fun green journals!

Meet Maureen & David with VHVideo. They specialize in creating Blue Ray Wedding DVD's! Pretty cool huh!!!

If you're desiring to book a wedding in the Cayman Islands, then you need to meet these ladies with Celebrations!! In their website click on "ALBUMS" at the bottom of their site to see real couples wedding album photos.

The cute woman on the left is Laura, Vice President of Marketing, for Adorn Brides. BRIDES PAY ATTENTION TO THIS, if you have ever wanted to be adorned with REAL diamonds without spending tens of thousands for one, you HAVE to check out their site! Finally, you can borrow/rent real diamond & pearl jewelry to complete your gowns. So many brides spend a lot on their gowns but then go cheap on fashion jewelry, and as a photographer I know from experience that real jewelry truly changes the entire look of the bride! It not only enhances her gown, but it photographs MUCH better than fashion jewelry and lets face it ladies, it also makes you feel extra special to wear radiantly sparkling jewelry!

Rebecca with Preston Bailey. Rebecca, I can only imagine that you must have collaspsed when you returned home not having to worry about planning for the seminar anymore. You really out did yourself with Engage 08! I can't wait to see what you come up with next year! You are doing another one right!!!!!! : )

This is my new office, I just moved (before you all have a heart attack on me, don't worry folks, I am still in Jacksonville! Actually I just moved 3 miles down the road!) So check out my new office! Hmm I think the Engaging Concepts Crystal Theme is wearing off on me, looks like I need to replace that chandelier lamp with a stunning crystal one!!!

This is Preston Bailey's "Inspirations" Book of breath taking wedding room transformations! This book is full of elegantly, beautifully displayed extravagant weddings, that if you want to get your hands on it, I guess that means you'll have to set up a consultation appointment with me! : )

Me with Preston Bailey. Every guest at the seminar had to have their photo taken with Preston Bailey that what started as me taking one photo for a fellow photographer turned into a mini photo shoot of me somehow becoming the official photographer to take everyone's photo with him! LOL. It was fun watching everyone in line waiting to to have their books signed by Preston! For all my fellow photographers, videographers, event coordinators, caterers, florists and more, feel free to email me at DARICE@DARICEMICHELLE.COM if you want a copy of your photo with Preston Bailey! : )

I even have the Engaging Concepts Crystal Balls under my flat screen to remind me of the great things that lay ahead for the Darice Michelle Team! : )

Again thank you Rebecca and Kathryn for putting together such an informative, inspiring, and kick us in the ass seminar! I have a lot of homework to do after leaving your seminar. I cannot wait to bring to birth all my new wedding ideas!

HUGS AND KISSES to you both!

Darice Michelle


Anonymous said...

WOW! It seems that you had a great time at the seminar. I love the pics. LOVE YOUR NEW OFFICE.

Christine said...

Blog work to be under way this weekend for you -- I'm almost all caught up on my weddings, and gearing up to outsource! Whee! We're going to be brilliant, I tell you!

Erin Poticny said...

Fabulous blog!! And GREAT pictures! It was so great to see you, let's do lunch soon!!

Shelby O'Connell said...

Fabulous pictures! It was such an amazing day!

Darice Michelle said...

Thanks guys for the kind compliments. That seminar was such a blast!

Scarlett Lillian said...

So fun! Glad you got to connect with the Engaging gang. They are all so fab! Love love love your new office! Looking forward to catching up on Wednesday!

Darice Michelle said...

Me too! I can't wait to connect with your beautiful soul again! I think I am going to go to that seminar with you! It looks like soooooooooooooo much fun!! See you Wednesday! Always love an excuse to go to the St. John's Town Center! : )