Wednesday, June 18, 2008

BRIDES you can save on your gown!!!

On average most brides are shelling out $4000 for a designer dress (yikes!). For those of you brides that are trying to keep your cash in your pockets, check out Pre-Owned Wedding Dresses a company that sells pre-owned designer wedding gowns! The prices are cut in half. Lets face it, you're only going to wear your dress once, so why spend $4K on something you'll only wear for 7 hours! Yes I know you want to look absolutely fabulous, but you still can look stunning for half the cost!

Lazaro Gowns

Pronovias Gowns

If you got married already, you can sell your dress at this site too!!! Sweet huh! Now you can earn some money back from your gown!!

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