Thursday, January 03, 2008

The Present Moment Cafe

The Present Moment Cafe is an all vegan raw food restaurant located in St. Augustine, FL.

We had the ultimate joy in this next photo shoot! Not only did I get to capture some of my favorite people, but also my favorite food!! I was one lucky girl at this session. After photographing the Present Moment's famous all raw food dishes for their website and marketing materials, we got to EAT all the dishes too. Now those are some nice french benefits...or should I say "raw" benefits (ha).

Yvette, an amazing woman, friend, spirit and owner of the restaurant and adjacent organic market, is one of those people that when we get to meet will forever change your life. She is one of the most generous and beautifully hearted people I know. I am so fortunate to know her.

Check out The Present Moment Cafe, soon they will update their photos (yay!). All the food dishes you see here are 100% raw. There is no dairy, meat or cooking going on here. So healthy and so yummy! You must check out the restaurant.

To view the photos in larger format, just click on the image.

The Present Moment Market (offers organic produce, raw dishes to go, raw treats, books, vintage clothes & jewelry, environmentally safe cleaning products, young thai coconuts, raw drinks, and much more!)

My son found a cool mask. I told you they've got some pretty cool stuff here!

Can't leave without stocking up on raw foods and some books!

This is Yvette! Isn't she fun!!

Nate, Yvette's son. He's a guff ball (lol). Nate also works at the PMC.

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