Thursday, January 03, 2008

Miranda and Her Girlfriends

My 7 year old daughter

My daughter, the one with the darker hair, just had a sleep over with her two girlfriends and I couldn't believe how I had to intervene because one of the girls who was crying needed support because of boy trouble! These girls are only 7 and they already are having boy troubles. I didn't have my heart broken till I was in the 7th grade! I can't believe how young they have to endure such emotions. My daughter's advice to her friend was "just dump the guy!" Shocked at her heartless response (both on the girls and boys side) I knew I had stepped into deep grounds, whether I wanted to or not. I had some work to do with these girls and boy was I glad I was apart of their little sleep over!

After I cheered her friend up, they were in the mood to take some silly photos. These photos are so precious I had to share some of them with you all.

Don't worry, more wedding stuff will soon come. We went away to Chicago for the holidays. I am quite busy these days, but I promise to post something soon! Just hang in there.

We are going to Tallahassee this weekend to do a wedding, I will share some of those photos soon enough. But before I do that, I can't wait to share photos that we took at a wedding on a boat in downtown Jacksonville. It was quite fun, interesting and beautiful as we captured fireworks during the romantic night of it all.

Stay tuned!

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