Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Ooooo Ohhhhhh Auhhh!

Who doesn't brighten up when you see a nice display of fireworks! Ever since I moved to Jacksonville three years ago I wasn't so sure if I had made the right choice. I am a big time city girl, I love to be around a lot of people, I love to watch people, I get a kick of all the different cultures, faces, types and how they interact with others that are different from themselves! I am a sucker for city lights, beautifully structured buildings and many cars whizzing on by.

So when we moved here, a city that shuts down at 6:00pm, I thought I made the biggest mistake of my life. But then you meet people that will forever change your life. People that show you what true friendship is. People that you wouldn't have met if you were not here.

There is much this city has to offer, it just takes time and effort to unravel some of her gems. And at moments like watching fireworks and going under the Main Street bridge at night, fills my heart with joy and an innocent child-like heart that can't help but keep smiling. Thank you Jacksonville!



Scarlett Lillian said...

Gorgeous night shots of the city!

Darice Michelle said...

thanks girl. It was so much fun doing these!!!