Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Yay, Paulo you did it!

Yesterday was a very special day for my dear friend and second photographer at our weddings. Paulo Rigon has been shooting weddings with me for almost a year now and besides the fact that he is so much fun to work with, has talent in photography, but he also is such a fantastic friend that he, his wife, and children have truly become family to Noel and I.

Yesterday was a significant day for Paulo because he became a proud American. We attended a citizenship ceremony and I of course got to document the special events that took place. As you can tell, Paulo was filled with a whole lot of joy.

We're all walking in to see Paulo become an American...

As you can see, Paulo is so excited that he is kissing the American flag

The new US Citizens watch a presentation video given by the President.

It is official now, Paulo is an American citizen

Paulo's happiness pours over as he hugs his beautiful wife, Bruna

Paulo is definitely proud to be an American

Here's Noel, my honey, with Paulo

I get to hug the new American too

Jaden, our son was so excited for Paulo. When we came home he told his sister this..."Hey guess what Miranda? Paulo is not Paulo anymore. He's American." It was so adorable!!

Congratulations Paulo...welcome to our...slash that.... YOUR country too!!!


Paulo Rigon said...

You bring tears to my eyes.
You are the BEST Darice! You never stop surprising me.
I am so LUCKY to have you as friend. We all love, and respect you a lot.
We thank God for you, Noel, and the kids for been a part of our lives. Thank you VERY MUCH for taking the time from your busy schedule to be at the ceremony with me and Bruna. It was so nice of you, and Noel.
God bless you, Noel and MY USA!

Bonnie said...

By the way, I read you’re latest blog and saw the pictures from Miranda’s Bugs Show. How adorable!! I think I looked at every photo! Please tell Paulo I’m so happy for him, and congratulations. My Mom became a citizen 2 years ago. It was a very happy day for all of us! More and more everyday I consider taking up photography..


Vicky said...

Where was Paulo born? I remember that Ceremony and I wish that someone would have documented it for me. I became a citizen in 1991. Congratulate me for me. I still remember the speech that I had to prepare for that day. I was so nervous!


Darice Michelle said...

Paulo was born in Brazil. He is still talking about how excited and happy he is that is totally American now!!