Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Our Disney Family Trip

So I had to do it! I had to take a break from all the craziness and business of life and take my kids to good old Disney. Miranda decided to have a birthday celebration there instead of the traditional birthday parties. I couldn't believe how exhausting it can be walking all over the park and standing in lines and all. I swear I think I'm still recovering!

Miranda gets the royal birthday treatment during her Birthday Character Breakfast Dining.

After Jaden piled his favorite breakfast foods on his plate, he relentlessly BEGGED me to take him back to his table so he could eat it all up. He was certainly eager and happy to have a plate full of mickey mouse waffles with m&m and chocoloate chip toppings, 10 strips of bacon, sausages, and more. Holding his 10lb plate of food, Jaden truly suffered while I continued to look at the buffet selection. I don't think I've ever seen Jaden eat like he did that morning. The boy was in heaven.

Jaden couldn't wait to give Tigger his penny that turned into a Disney character. Jaden loves giving gifts to everyone including Tigger and Winnie the pooh. The photo above is after Jaden gave up all his Disney Stickers to Pooh. What a sweet heart huh!!

Noel couldn't resist giving me a girls cowboy hat to put on. Noel embarrassed me by how he kept constantly clicking the camera. Soon we had an audience full of tourists watching me pose for Noel!!! Now I know what it feels like for my couples who have to kiss in front of the camera with on lookers nearby! Sorry guys for all I put you through!

Miranda's Birthday dinner at the Rainforest Cafe. It's cool and all when you feel like you're in the jungle with all the elepants and gorillas, but lay off on the freezing weather! It was soooooooooooooooo cold in there that I had to get shirts from the gift shop to keep the kids from turning blue!! I swear, I think it's their way of making sure that the parents buy something from their gift shop. Miranda had their famous Volcano while the servers and us sang to her. She really dug that!

It became tradition for Noel to carry the kids every 15 minutes or so. At one time he had all three kids on him!!!! That's my macho husband for ya!

This is our second day in Orlando. We're on our way to Downtown Disney and the kids are already out cold even before we go there!!!!! If there was room back there, I would have joined them for sure!

We had a great time and look forward to visiting the other parks next time. Maybe we should wait till Jaden is older. He freaked out at a lot of the rides. The Lilo and Stitch "ride" sent Jaden over the edge. If you know what I am talking about, he lost it at the part when all the lights went out and Stitch escaped and sprayed you with water. The worker heard Jaden crying and gracefully let the poor boy escape this "adventure". Jaden was man enough to tell us how he felt about certain rides and knew when to put his foot down if he couldn't handle a ride. To my surprise when we were riding the Ferry back to the parking lot at about 10pm, he begged for us to go back right then and there and buy a house so that we could live there and wake up every morning inside Disney World! That was proof enough for me that I didn't scar the poor little guy for life!


Paulo Rigon said...

I can tell you guys had a great time at Disney. Very nice pics Darice. I'm happy that guys took the time to relax and have fun together.
We are also going to Disney this weekend. Any ideas?
Welcome back my friends

jeni said...

What great pictures! How fun! I can't believe Miranda and Zander are 7! Maybe someday we can make it to Disneyworld together...
Take care!

Ethan said...

Hey Darice,
What a beautiful family you have.
I can't believe that you went to
Orlando, and did not stop at the World's Largest McDonald's. Oh well, maybe next time. Lunch and free Tokens for the game room on me.

-Miraya & Ethan

Darice Michelle said...

What game room? Free tokens did you say? What did I miss out on!!!!

Denise said...

Darice and Noel .. great photos, great memories.. even though I know it can be
exhausting. we have only been there once, but i loved it . and it is well
worth all the walking and waiting in lines. you are right go back to expot,
when they are alittle older , its the best.. love you guys. denise..

Darice Michelle said...

Jeni, we'll have to hook up some time!! So miss your boys! I'll never forget how Lassen only laughed on cue when we said "poopies." I haven't said that to use in my family portrait sessions, but I am known to make the kids say "monkey farts". That always does the trick. The parents might not like that, but the kids love it and hey the parents want their kids smiling, so who cares how we actually get 'em to smile!!!! : )

Judith said...

Darice, these are awesome photos. How blessed you guys are to have that kind of talent to record your memories... miss you, love, Judith