Thursday, May 03, 2007

Treadmill Titan

Our little Titan is growing so fast. He'll be 13 weeks old this Saturday. We're starting him on his "treadmill workouts". It's such great exercise for Titan. When we can't get him out for a walk due to weather it's a great way to get him up on the treadmill for a good solid walk.

We just started obedience classes last night. Let me tell you, just when you think you have your dog obeying you, try putting him in front of a bunch of other dogs and see if he still obeys your commands...ha! It was not easy getting him to focus, especially because Titan got to see his sister. We couldn't believe that another dog owner was there with his female Gernman shepherd dog. They looked like twins and were the same height and everything. We knew right away they had to be related and sure enough they were. Mike, owner of Reagan, bought her from the same breeder, JLyn Shepherds , Reagan and Titan are from the same litter. Titan and Reagan went crazy with each other rolling around, tackling, and playful biting. They were so happy together. I could be wrong, but Titan was not his normal self this morning. He didn't want to get out of his cage, he seemed so sad. I wonder if he misses her. Poor guy. I wish we had another shepherd for him to play with.


Ron said...

Can never get enough of the cute german sheppard puppies and the one ear that is strong enough to stay pointed up, but the other one is as floppy as one thing can be! Cuteness overload, must look away.

Captivating Studios said...

LOLOLOL. Walking him on the treadmill, that's so funny!