Thursday, May 31, 2007

Sweet and Fabulous

Linda and Adam are getting married this June 30th and not only do I predict that they will have a rockin' ceremony at the Alltel Stadium but their engagement session was was definitely a blast to capture . Lets be frank, most guys HATE HATE HATE having their photos taken and typically all the guys that I shoot tell me they dreaded their engagement session and was secretively hoping for a cancellation. I am pretty use to photographing shy or "stubborn" men when it comes to these e-sessions; however, I always love it when the guy is game for anything despite his lack of desire to do the session to begin with. At this session, Adam was TERRIFIC! Although he, like most men, didn't care to do this session, he let me guide him and Linda the whole time. The result???? Scroll down to see...

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Mouricry said...

I know where this is :D
i go there all the time (squabbles around looking for change for starbucks)