Sunday, July 08, 2007

What a great gift idea

So I know what a lot of you brides are thinking these days. You're wondering "what the heck do I get my finance for our wedding?" Instead of his favorite sports pariphenalia, new ipod, the latest computer software programs, or a gift card to his favorite restaurant, why not give him SEXY photos of YOU instead!!! Our private boudoir sessions are a real hit these days. And I don't mean just with the men but the ladies themselves love the final results too. Each session is planned carefully in order to achieve the look, mood, and spirit behind your photos. Yes, it's true all the women at first feel nervous about the session, but within minutes of shooting they are having a blast, feeling comfortable and getting a good laugh out of it too! And who doesn't need a good laugh!!!!!

Below are photos that I recently did in her condo at Jacksonville beach. I know you men out there can't wait to see these...hold your horses boys, I can't show you them all. After all, the really hot and steamy photos are just for "his" eyes...yes the other guy!! So if you're dieing to see photos like these of your own girl, then contact me and maybe you can surprise her with the gift of a boudoir session. After all, it is just as much of a gift to her as it is to you!

Okay so instead of the painting with numbers thing, I painted on a bra and thong in this photograph so you could see this one. Not bad huh, almost looks real!!

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Paulo Rigon said...

Great pictures my friend. Very SEXY, ELEGANT, AND TASTY.
You are the best!