Friday, July 13, 2007

Ryan and Laura's Wedding

Boy was it fun shooting Ryan and Laura's wedding! There's nothing more exciting then drama at a wedding, it keeps everyone on their toes. It rained hard that day so we had to go to plan B which was move the wedding from outside the Sawgrass Club by the beach to one of their indoor rooms. There were several snafu's throughout the day, yet Laura and Ryan only cared about one thing, that was marrying each other. It was so moving to see these two exchange their vows. There was real love in the air this day! The wedding itself was beautiful, but the people involved were what made this day very special....and rockin'! Boy does this group know how to party!! This wedding was such a blast to capture. Michelle and I loved everything from the people, the dancing, the beautifully decorated reception all the way to the photo booths and their jammin' band. Here are 50 photos highlighting their great day.

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