Saturday, March 31, 2007

Titan, our German Shepherd Dog

We are so excited to announce to everyone that we have a new addition to our family. We have been anticipating this moment for quite some time and are so ecstatic to introduce you all to our new German shepherd dog. His name is Titan and let me tell you, he is so adorable! Ok, what puppy isn't!!

I just picked him up today from a terrific breeder, Linda at J-Lyn Shepherds, in Middleburg, FL. Not only is this woman a wonderful Christian but she is super friendly, caring and a terrific dog owner and breeder. I have been able to visit other breeders in our area and I have not seen anyone quite like her. She is so friendly, eager to help and truly cares about putting the right German shepherd in the right home. Her dogs are so well mannered and friendly, not to mention georgous. I just fell in love with Titan's father, Rueben. He and the mother have excellent temperments and just put you in awe when you look at them. Thank you Linda, for giving us such a wonderful dog!!!

If by chance you ever want to get a German shepherd I highly recommend Linda with J-Lyn Shepherds. You can see her dogs at

So the ride home with Titan was so incredible. I just couldn't believe I had such a wonderful and beautiful dog in the back seat of my car. As we drove home, Titan, whimpered with uncertanity and fear, as to be expected. When he tried to get out of his doggy car seat, I asserted myself in a way to communicate he had to stay. Immediately he listened. He is so sweet and eager to please. The first impression he made on me, has certainly melted my heart.

When we arrived home, I attempted to take him for a walk in his new surroundings, but he just couldn't do it. He dragged his hind legs at every attempt I made to walk down the street. After a few attempts and literally dragging him, I just decided to go home and let him adjust. Although he is pretty scared and unsure of us all, he had no problem warming up to us, espeically to the kids. The dog is definitely an affectionate dog for he loves to curl himself next to a warm body.

On another exciting note, the first time we took him out to the area in which we have designated as his own personal bathroom in our backyard, immediately he went. Yeah, our first potty break and he didn't do it in the house. How lucky is that!!

Here are photos of his mom, Noel - (yes, she has the same name as my hubby Noel) and his father, Rueben. Noel is the black shepherd. It'll be obvious that the mother is the black shepherd when you see Titan nursing for his last time.

Welcome Titan to our home. We are so glad to have you with us!!


Captivating Studios said...

Awwwwwwwww preciousness!! He's soooo cute! I see you figured out the perfect name for him. I love it! Titan and Rhett will have to play one day! p.s. Your comment did post on my blog. Thanks!!

Marissa Karolak said...

He is so adorable and what a great day for him to be born!! Congratulations on your new addition!! Love and miss u guys!!
Auntie Marissa xoxoxo


lovely page

Nancy said...

It will be 3 yrs this August that I got my GSD from Linda. I searched the web & AKC web site for GSD in North Florida. I found Linda. The first time I spoke with Linda she asked what I was looking for in a new puppy. I had just lost my GSD who was 13 yrs. old. I told Linda I was looking for the next best dog in the world. Boy did I ever get the best dog in the world. My Zora will be 3 yrs old this June. I more or less bought her without even seeing her other than the pictures that were sent to me from Linda. Zora is black with tan legs like the parent's of your puppy. She is a wonderful dog. Her features are just out of this world. Very good watch dog, but yet a silly girl too. I would tell anyone to look to Linda for a GSD. Her kennels are very clean and nice. She loves her dogs so very much and it shows. I check out her site often to see what litters she has out there. If I were ever to get another GSD it would be from Linda. I wish you the very best with your new puppy.


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