Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Ryan & Kristen Duffy Wedding

Kristen and Ryan are two of our local Jacksonville news reporters. You might recognize their faces. Kristen and Ryan report the news to us all the time; however this time around, the big story was about them! Kristen and Ryan wed this last Saturday and let me tell you, they were so excited to be marrying each other! Kristen's excitement while she got ready just moved all of our hearts. We had a great time watching these two love birds become one.

We also had the honor of having Ken McCray at Ken McCray Photography as our second photographer. Ken did a superb job capturing Ryan and the guys. Thank you Ken, for all your excellent shots!

To see of all their photos click on their names above and type in their username and password.

Username: Duffy Wedding
Password: 9168

Happy viewing!

Congratulations Kristen and Ryan!!!!!!!

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