Thursday, July 17, 2008

I'll Always Have My Heels!

Growing up I never was found of high heels, I mean why would women soar up their feet with blisters, potentially risk embarrassing themselves if they were ever to..dare I say... FALL, and to experience the inevitable, uncomfortability that heels bring! Then I met a dear friend of mine, Lena, who every time I saw her, she was wearing heels! I couldn't understand how she was able to walk around in heels ALL DAY - EVERY DAY!

Having to look nice for work, I started wearing heels and to my amazement I was able to go 8 hours with them on! Perplexed that I didn't have blisters or my feet were not about to fall off I tried to figure out why and how I was able to get away with this! Was it due to having expensive heels rather than the Payless sort or was I just getting use to them?

I realized it was because of all my running (mainly backwards running) that enabled me to live in my heels! Strong legs and sturdy feet arches quickly became my best friend!

I wore heels all the time that I became known as the "chick in heels". My daughter's friend even told her mother once, "Mom if you were just to wear heels with those shorts, you'd look like Darice!" How cute!

Well as most of you know, sadly I was informed by a doctor that I can no longer wear heels! What's worse, is that I can no longer run! After 4 months of enduring pain in my right foot, I finally had several MRI's done and a couple doctor visits, the result?


WHAT?@?!?!@?@!? I'm too young for that!

Apparently NOT!

Yesterday to cheer me up, I bought these cute heel pictures from Bed Bath & Beyond and hung them up on my walls. I am not giving up on my heels!!! LOL

To those of you that have been so empathetic, I wanted to thank you all for your support, especially to Emily who sent me a virtual heels gift!

You guys are the best!

So now I can go to sleep every night and wake up every morning smiling at my heels!

P.S. I will confess, that I know I will at times sneak in my heels, I was made to wear heels! I mean come on, they can't just sit in my closet all lonely! That would be a crime!


Bea said...

What a great idea, I love it! You're always thinking up some wonderful ways to work around things, no wonder wonderwoman! You know who wears your size if you ever want to retire any heels ;) I still haven't worn the red ones I bought after wearing them in our engagement session, they just aren't comfortable like yours were!

Darice Michelle said...

Thanks Bea! Hmm, wonder woman, I haven't been called that in so long! Sure is inspiring to become strong, powerful and to kick some ass around here! HA HA. Can't wait until you come to Jacksonville again, we must hang out again girl!!!!! xoxoxoxo MUAH!

Scarlett Lillian said...

Oooh love the heels!!! Tres chic! So cute about the duck too!

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