Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Funtime at the St. Johns Town Center

Today I spent my whole day at the St. John's Town Center. For starters, I began my visit at 9am at the apple store. I hit my all time record by staying there for 2.5 hours! I know, what the heck was I doing there for 2.5 hours. Thanks to Richard, a very friendly and patient Apple Genius, I was able to take care of some computer problems and jazz up my G5 and laptop by making them a more powerful mean machine. My computer under went some serious surgery today and I am ecstatic to say that this baby is all geared up to rock the business world of photography!

After my educational day at the apple store, I was fortunate to meet with my dear fellow photographer friend, the one, the only fabulous Scarlett Lillian! We dined at the delicious Panera Bread Cafe talking about our parents, kids, our futures and of course PHOTOGRAPHY! We both agreed that we need to find someone who will do all our dirty business work so that we can do what we love most, SHOOTING! Any takers??? Until we reach that dreamy fantasy, we both are determined to remain rock out women who own and run their own businesses! How's that for woman power!

To make our visit a little more interesting, we had some fun doing our own little mini quick photo session. Since my poor friend was burned badly by the sun the other day, she had to opt out for being in the photos (don't worry folks, I won't let her off the hook the next time we do lunch!), but she did take some fun photos of me. You can check out more of my silly photos on her blog. If anything, I think it's great practice for me to know what it's like to be on the other end of the camera!

Thanks Scarlett, it was so great catching up with you today!!!!


Bob said...

I saw your photos on her blog. Great Photos!!!!!!

Great shots. You really haven't changed that much - You still are the "California Girl" - awesome!!

Ellen said...

Hey girl

I looked at your BEAUTIFUL pictures. I've always been jealous of you. Now I just plain Hate you b/c you are the most beautiful girl. I esp. like the 4th and 8th one down from the top. It shows your real beauty. They look like the you I love.