Monday, July 14, 2008

Are You Really Reading?

Ok so I wanted to test you all by seeing who is actually really snooping around my blog! I am surprised by all the emails I get with your "comments" about my blog but no one seems brave enough to actually speak their mind on the blog! Hmm, scary cats! HA HA.

So I thought I'd wake you all up by seeing what you all think about what I found this morning!

I was up late last night (as usual) returning emails and working and yes Adrialyn I do eventually get some sleep!!!! But when I woke up this morning and walked out of my room into the living room I was pleasantly surprised by what was greeting me! I wasn't sure if I was just dreaming it from a lack of sleep, but sure enough it was no dream!

Can you guess what greeted me in the morning?

I will give you some clues... but you have to guess (yes this means you MUST show yourself by leaving an answer under "comments" at the end of this post. Who will be right????

Was it...

1. My son

2. A lizard

3. My daughter

4. Keanu Reeves

5. A new pair of shoes

6. Flowers all over my living room!!!!

7. My good friend, Ellen, from California

8. A duck

9. Paintings my kids did that they left on the floor

10. A surprise package

11. An apple

12. Airplane tickets to London

13. A bunch of stuffed animals propped up against each other sitting in a big circle holding hands

14. Breakfast made and placed on the living table

15. Michelle Pfeiffer

What was it????

Do you know?????


Melissa said...

i'm going to say the flowers one. ...or shoes. maybe shoes with flowers on them? :-D

adriaLYN photography said...

OooH I know! On the way to the fridge to get an you discovered a precious #9 painting your kids did that they left on the floor. only to discover it was a #8 duck who did it!!


Ellen Bridge said...

A lizard or

Other: a magical no calorie piece of chocolate cake!

Ron said...

That is soooooo an easy one!! Of course it was keanu reeves in the buff who was going to surprise you with a yummy breakfast!

I mean come on, don't we all have that fantasy of keanu?!?!?!

Bea said...

It's got to be new sexy shoes since high heels are no longer allowed, so someone left you a new pair to show you that you can still look hot without heels!

Darice Michelle said...

Ha Ha guys! I just love your guesses.

Ron, Keanu and I didn't work out, I had to dump him, he got a little too clingy for my liking!

And Bea, girl I sure hope you're right! I am going to my heels!!! It's such a crime that I can't wear heels anymore!

No one guessed it yet, keep trying!!!!!

Jess Cumbie said...

Sheesh Woman... only 15 choices!

I vote... you good friend from CA or a surprise package...

Stephanie Moran said...

It has to be Michelle Pfeiffer! She was desperate to have photos taken by the best photographer ever so she flew all the way to Florida to meet you! What do I win?

Emily D said...

I'm going with tickets to London... :)

Erin Poticny + Megan Cappiello said...

I would say....Good friend Ellen from CA!....

Anonymous said...

Possibly your friend Ellen sitting with the circle of stuffed animals holding hands???

Raquel Carolina said...

I'll go with the duck....holding tickets to London.... :)

MissPhom Photography said...

i'm just HOPING there were flowers all over your living room. =)

Darice Michelle said...

Thanks Miss Phom! I am sure my next love will shower me with flowers all over my living room one day! I'll let you know if that ever happens! : ) Colorful ones would be so much fun! : )

Erin, I wish Ellen would come here! She and I talk so much that it feels like she's here though!

Raquel, you got it! Well, except for the London tickets! Any givers?

Thanks for playing along everyone!

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