Monday, March 24, 2008

Tony Chu Photography

Photo by Tony Chu

So my new friend, Oubon Phommavong at Miss Phom Photography, just started coming to weddings with me as she embarks on new adventures as a photographer. Oubon just introduced me to her favorite fashion photographer, Tony Chu, and I must say this guy is so creative and very talented! It's refreshing and fun to see NEW stuff that is so colorful, unique, exciting and interesting!

Here is one of his photos. What a statement this photo makes huh!!!!!!!! As a young girls, we all longed to look exactly like Barbie! Scary how many women have spent thousands of dollars to look like her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Where are we as women headed?

Check out Tony Chu Photography for more of his work.

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Miss Phom said...

You are just TOO cool!!!