Saturday, March 15, 2008

Sarah Silverman

Ok so like I have been approached several times by people in publix, blockbuster and other public places telling me that I look like Sarah Silverman. Ok, so I had NO IDEA who this woman was other than a celebrity who is auh, how should I say, um "a comedian with a mouth and amongst other things".

Wasn't sure how to take that! So, yet again, after being told by two men today that I looked like Sarah Silverman, I went on line to finally check out this chic!

There are some similarities with our looks but our personalities are quite different...I think! Although I was cracking up at her you tube videos that I won't post here for obvious reasons.

So I pulled up some old and recent photos to compare the both of us together. What do you all think? Do we look alike?

I bet if my hair were straightened here, I'd probably look even more like her!

I supposed if I straightened my hair like hers and posed in the same way wearing the same clothes, maybe it would look even more the same, but who has the time for all that!!! : )


Anonymous said...

Hi there, I was just checking you blog. Very nice pics. Congratulations!
By the way, YOU DO LOOK LIKE Sarah Silverman.

Jess Cumbie said...

Holy Cow you DO look like her in those photos!!! I know what video you're talking about :D

Did you see the Ben Affleck one? Not sure if that's how you spell the name... but anyway it's quite funny as well..

Mel said...

My humble opinion... you are far better looking. She irks me.