Monday, June 11, 2007

What a story I've got to tell!

This is a very unusal wedding in that it was post poned for A WHOLE YEAR due to some horrible circumstances. For all you brides out there that are stressing over which band to pick, what color theme you should do, or dealing with people that are not quite that cooperative...let me share a little something that'll put everything back into perspective.

I met Miraya and Ethan what seems like ions ago at the former, A Day to Remember Weddings. They were deciding on which photographer to go with and I had the honor of them choosing me. It wasn't too long after that we did the engagement session. The session went well and to my awareness all was good...until...I received a terrible phone call from their wedding coordinator informing me that Ethan was hit by a car!!!!! He was in the hospital in critical condition with casts everywhere, bandaged up all over and was on the brink of dieing. Talk about your ultimate worst nightmare...losing the one you love so much!! Ethan was very lucky to have survived! Due to the intense rehabilitation he had to go through and not to mention the large amount of time it would take for him to recover from such a horrifiic accident, the wedding got pushed back a year. So when the wedding finally arrived, we were so happy to capture their day. It made the wedding all the more special. We are so glad this story had a very happy ending!!

Here are some high lights from their wonderful wedding.

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