Friday, April 06, 2007

Rehab Direct LLC

My husband, Noel, just opened up his own private practice specializing in giving physcial and occupational therapy to children and adults in their own homes. We are so excited about this new adventure and are quite taken back by all the new patients Noel already has. In truth, I am not all too surprised that so many people want Noel as their occupational therapist. If you know Noel, it's easy to know why he is highly sought after.

When opening a new business, so many things are needed, of course business cards are a major needed item in a business. And since Noel has a wife as a photographer, I couldn't help but come up with the idea of having real photos of him treating an actual patient on his cards.

Here is his very first business card. Not too bad huh!? You can see the front and back of his card.

Now maybe by my husband having his own business means he can bring in enough money for us to hire a maid! Boy do we need the extra help around here! With two kids, a new dog, and both us working like mad with our jobs, who couldn't use an extra helping hand or two!!!!

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