Monday, April 09, 2007

Girls Night Out

Every once in a while there comes a time when you just have to get out of this crazy busy life and just go, let loose and have fun! Heather, my awesome assistant and dear good friend and I went out to "dance" only every club we hit sadly we couldn't the good dj's with the good music. They were all probably off doing weddings instead! Go figure!!

Nonetheless, Heather, Allison (another good friend), and I went off into the night to take in some of the pleasures life has to offer us; loud music, girls flirting with boys and boys flirting with girls, being intertwined in cigarette smoke, avoiding a fight when a women decides to make out with a single guy only for him to find out she's married and her husband who is just feet away angerily tries to take a swing at the guy only to fail when the bouncers drag his drunk behind out of the club. Ok ok, so who said a girls night out has to be boring! I would have photographed all the drama but I only had my canon point in shoot camera with me. You know how those point and shoot cameras are... you can't take a photo when you need it to! Can't focus for anything and gives everyone the devil eyes when it does decide to allow you to capture a moment. I think that by the time you get the crazy thing to take a shot it's rather fitting for us to have devilish eyes. I mean we're pretty fed up from all the delays and camera malfunctions. I have been shooting with my professional gear for quite some time and never had a little camera thingy before, so I was shocked at how horrible these "camera" things are! I mean, how are we to capture life's pleasures and craziness with these point and shoot things! More like, I dare you to point that thing at me cause I'm ready to shoot you as I stand here tired of waiting for you to take the shot!! Ha ha.

Sorry I don't have all the drama photos to show you!!!

Maybe next time I'll bring the REAL THING and maybe then I won't disappoint you all!

This is the poor guy who fell victim to a woman who he thought was single. Geez, what does a good guy have to do to find a good decent woman these days!

So here is Allison trying to talk to the guys friend who almost got into that fight. I think they both are dealing with their shock that the married woman tried to pick up another guy with her husband there. There or not, heck that's crazy, I thought all the "different" kinds of folks came from Hollywood, not good old Jacksonville (lol)!!


Anonymous said...

Right Click/Save As on last picture of the bunch since it is hilarious to look at, at 5 in the morning(oh who am i kidding, saving it for future nefarious uses...hahahahaha).

Darice Michelle said...

Thank God I didn't post the photos from my first girls night outing! Talk about giving my friends a way to black mail me...those photos are priceless!

Nope can't have 'em! - hehehehehe

Anonymous said...

Oh Boo, don't hold out on the masses that would love to see these photos! I guess i will just have to leave my imagination up to the task of seeing the shenanigans that went down!