Sunday, January 07, 2007

New York New York

We finally made it here to New York!!! I am such a city girl. Growing up in Chicago and working in downtown are some of my most favorite memories. If you put me in a country town with hay and corn stalks, I'd die within the first week, but if you put me in the middle of crowds of people, litter on the streets, strange smells in the air, and tall buildings surrounding me, I'm good to go!!! Loving the city so much put an ache in my heart for not having visited New York ever. So we finally repented and visited one of the greatest cities in America, New York City!

Noel took these photos of me in Central Park. Not bad huh?! Way to go Noel!

I will see if I can post some of the photos I took while visiting Manhattan... be patient with me as I am in the middle of putting together several wedding albums for some of my favorite brides. Ok ok, a lot of the brides I work with are my favorites. What can I say, I am blessed with such great women to work with!!!

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