Sunday, May 11, 2008

Erin and Billy So In Love!!!

Last night I fell in love! I fell in love with this awesome couple, Erin & Billy. The entire time I photographed them it was so OBVIOUS how much in love Billy is with Erin. I just love it when I see passion, appreciation and love between two people. Billy met Erin and immediately said, "I HAD TO HAVE HER!". After they departed from the first time they met and without having a way to contact her, he went on an VERY determined journey to find her again. He went to the mall three weekends in a row hoping to run into her again (he had seen her at the mall before) and with no success he was not easily ready to give up his mission; therefore, his friend suggested he try to find her on Facebook. To his JOY he found her within 5 minutes! Billy spent a long time drafting his friend letter to send her on Facebook. Wanting it to be just perfect he waited till the right moment to send it. His patience and perseverance paid off because now they are to wed on October 11, 2008!

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Anonymous said...

What a beautiful couple. I can tell by the pics they are COMPLETELY in love. I love the pics where she is against the car with her legs high on him. Very sensual.