Thursday, April 24, 2008

Faith and Kris Sims

Two days ago I got to walk down memory lane with Kris and Faith Sims. In 2004 I moved here to Jacksonville from Long Beach, CA. Once we settled into our new home and city, I began to market my company focused on wedding photography. One of my sweetest memories in these early stages of establishing myself in Jacksonville, was when I got to meet with Faith and Kris for their consultation meeting. They were my first couple that booked with me when I relocated my business to Jacksonville. Since I have worked with them, I have had several couples come to me because of their referrals. Then I heard knews some time later that they had a baby boy!

I finally got to meet this cute guy when I did their family photos in their home. Greyson is almost 18 months old and full of life! He truly made an impact on me when I dumped his lego toys on the floor so he'd play with them, well to my surprise he didn't play with them, but instead CLEANED THEM UP right away! Faith told me that whenever he sees something on the floor like that, he will clean it up immediately! WOW! How the heck did you guys train him so well!

The Sims Family:

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