Monday, October 22, 2007

Bonnie and Wes

Bonnie and Wes are such an adorable and cute couple! I had such a great time working with these two attractive people!! We started out at Jacksonville's oldest tree, Treaty Oaks. The tree is 200 years old!!! It's a huge magnificant monster! Just awesome. Then we headed our way to the very hip and cool area of downtown San Marco. We had fun working with colors during their engagmeent session.

I just love this photo. This moment was NOT staged in that I didn't even realize the sun rays until I got up on the bench to take the shot. My original vision was to capture them in between the massive branches. What an extra treat that the sun ray's were pouring down it's ambient light over the in love! It was as if the sun were approving! Love it!

Heather Silver, my assistant, took this shot. I just love it! Bonnie had these hot pink heels which just added to her already present beauty and flare!

In this photo, I used the sun light that beamed behind her in order to give an angelic look. It really fit with Bonnie's sweet and gentle spirit! She is so naturally beautiful inwardly and outwardly that I couldn't resist doing this effect.

In order not to bore her from taking too many angelic-like photos, I repositioned myself in order to avoid the sun rays. This resulted in a sharper and crisper image.

Miriam's Jewelry is where Wes picked out her awesome diamond ring!!! Hopefully it's paid off in full...ha ha! As georgous as her ring I can't even imagine how much he spoiled her with it!

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Scarlett Lillian said...

Wow, it's fun to see Bonnie's engagement photos! She is still so beautiful since the days she coached me in cheerleading! ha!