Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Cockatoo for Sale

2 year old Umbrella Cockatoo for sale. This bird really TALKS! So far we can pick up a few words that she says, "pretty bird" "hello" "bye bye" and "yes". I once heard her say "I want to talk, do you?" But somehow I get the feeling that this bird knows a ton of words because she literally has a full fledge conversation just sitting up on top of her cage. Her head bounces with her crown in the air just yapping something away.

These birds live to be around 120 years old! Amazing huh! From what I am learning, they are extrememly intelligent. They are like radars, constantly listening to you, picking up sounds and words. When my friend Paulo was here, Diamond went nuts making all sorts of noise every time Paulo spoke. When he stopped, she stopped. We couldn't figure out why this was. Maybe it had to do with his deep voice or something. Oh, I have to tell you this, Diamond LAUGHS!!!! She laughs and sounds exactly like a human. When she hears you laugh, she will start laughing which gets you to laugh even harder because you just can't believe your ears. So as you laugh harder then Diamond laughs harder too and it's this cycle that repeats and repeats to where you can't feel your abs anymore from all the laughing. It's hysterical! I was almost in tears from laughing so hard when Paulo was here and the three of us couldn't stop laughing because of Diamond's laugh.

Our kids enjoy Diamond although sometimes Jaden tells her "be quiet". She does get loud when she wants attention. Titan is pretty good with her, but it's Diamond that we have to keep an eye on. She really tries to beak him. Diamond can't be trusted with Titan. We're working on the two of them finding harmony together. Good luck on that one, right!! At the same time, it makes sense. She feels threatened by him simply because Titan is so big!

If you are interested in getting a parrot like Diamond, please contact me at We are selling her, the cage, toys, food and bedding for only $857. Cockatoo's alone average $1200 - $1800. Please know that we will only sell her to someone that will really take care of her. Diamond has been moved around twice within the last 2 months and therefore she is stressed, scared and insecure. Diamond has been plucking because of stress. Once she finds a home that can provide a stressfree environment and her new owners are home to love up on her, then we would be very happy to place her in your home.

Here are some photos of Diamond...

oh boy, you can see here that Titan is defensive! Diamond trys to beak him even when Titan is just sitting there.

This photo was just taken yesterday. Diamond has been here for 4 days now and is getting better with Titan. Titan is much more comfortable with her. Diamond still is working on being nice to him. (click photo to enlarge)

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