Sunday, July 23, 2006

Photographer Needs a Cooling

Every wedding we do there is always some sort of drama that takes place, but this particular wedding topped them all. My good dear oh friend and fellow photographer, Paulo, will never forget this one either. In the midst of him and I taking candid shots of the groomsmen getting ready, all of a sudden out of no where a huge bowl of water was dumped upon Paulo. I guess the dog that was the groomsmen guest didn't like the fact that he was no longer the center of attention and he clearly made that known when he knocked over his bowl of water down the nearby staircase. Heather, our awesome assistant came to the rescue and immediately dried up his camera as best as possible. Don't worry, Paulo's camera was okay, and yeah so was Paulo too! See what we photographers endure. It's no wonder we love our jobs so much, with all the excitement going on, how could we not!

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